Monday, 24 February 2014

17th - 23rd February 2014

Monday 17th February - Mr P had a week off work. We normally do lots of things but this time we decided just to stay at home with no plans and just take each day as it comes. On Monday it was a day at home and we made a home pizza for dinner... it was yummy.

Tuesday 18th February - Today was another day at home. Mr P was doing the floor in the hallway as we had a flood at the start of the year and had to rip it all up. Whilst he was putting it back in place Little Miss P  and I were doing her homework, tidying her room and then mine.

Wednesday 19th February - Today is our wedding anniversary and Little Miss P has been looking after us, by helping us make breakfast and making sure we got what we wanted. She was so sweet.

Thursday 20th February - Mr P's mum and dad are down today to look after Little Miss P while we went to see The Duck House in the West End of London. It was the matinee one so we got back by 6pm and went out with Mr P's mum & dad and, of course, Little Miss P to Zizzi for dinner. And what makes it even better is that Mr P's mum and dad paid for it... :-)

Friday 21st February - Mr P's mum and dad stayed in their camper van outside our house for the night. We ended up going for a forest walk - a very muddy forest walk - and it was very fun... Little Miss P loved it.  After that we just went home and had a chill out.

Saturday 22nd February - It's my mummy's birthday next Tuesday so we had the family down to go out for a nice meal. It was just the girls in my family and Little Master Hill, just down the road in the Castle Pub. After that Little Miss P stayed at mum's house while we went shopping in Bluewater. She was meant to come home afterwards but ended up staying the night with her.

Sunday 23rd February - I didn't wake up until 9am, it was great. Little Miss P was taken to the movies while Mr P and I had a day painting the skirting board, oh what fun that was, not, lol, it was ok but not much fun. We got Little Miss P back at about 5pm; she is now bathed, homework done and now in bed fast asleep.

Hope you had a good week.

Mrs P

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