Monday, 3 February 2014

27th Jan - 2nd Feb 2014

Monday 27th January - Woohoo, I finally have the boiler fixed so we have heating and hot water. That means I can have a nice hot bath. Also I have been sorting some more things out, trying to get some things out of the house. Little Miss P has her dancing lesson today. Oh and I have finally put up a youtube video from a few weekends ago.

Tuesday 28th January - Tuesday is pretty much just like any other Tuesday; not a lot happened after I got Little Miss P from school. We came home and I did her spellings with her as she's getting really worked up about them at the moment. I think it may be as her best friend keeps getting 10 out it 10 and she's getting 8 out of 10. I think that's pretty good still. After that she made her teacher a birthday card; she spent about an hour on it as it had to be the best one... she takes after daddy with that approach and not me.

Wednesday 29th January - I had a bit of a cleaning day, well, sorting out one of the cupboards in my room as I need to fit an extra box in it. I came across a load of odd socks and it took me an hour to match them all up and the ones I couldn't find I just threw away. When it came to getting Little Miss P from school it was raining (but it had been raining most of the day). I just wish it would have stopped by now. When Little Miss P came out school she had a little chocolate cake to eat from her teacher - it didn't last long.

Thursday 30th January - it's still raining today, not really sure if it's even stopped yet. We have no food in the house... OK that's a little lie, but we don't have much. We're waiting until Friday as that's when the hubby gets paid, and we're trying to use the food up in the house before our next shop. Little Miss P has her drama class tonight, she loves it. As I sit here I have one hour before I have to leave to get her. Tonight dinner for her is pasta, ham and butter and she loves it.  My iPad seems to have stopped working and I'm hoping it's just the charger.

Friday 31st January - So I am off to my mum's house today to use her iPad charger to see if it's my iPad or charger that has stopped working. It wasn't the charger as it worked on mum's iPad (I popped to mum's house to try it out). I went to my sister's to see her and the Little Lady Flacky... she's getting so big now and starting to want to crawl. I left there at midday and when I got home my brother-in-law told to me to try something on the iPad and it worked, woohoo! We are now sitting on the sofa waiting for Silent Witness to start. I love this show.

Saturday 1st January - We spent the morning at home just chilling, as a little family. In the afternoon we decided to go for a carvery as we had a 20% off food voucher, making it only £21 for the three of us. After that we went to walk it off over at Thorndon Country Park and we bumped into the Gruffalo. It was a nice, but cold walk. We left there at about 4.30pm and headed to Lidl to try it out, as there is a new one near us and wanted to see if it does work out cheaper. Not sure if it does yet and we couldn't get everything we wanted as they didn't do it all. So we will still have to go to Tesco at some point.

Sunday 2nd January - So we didn't wake up until 9am and Little Miss P didn't even wake up until then. I wasn't allowed downstairs for a bit as they were making breakfast. It was yummy and filled us up for the rest of the day. Little Miss P went out with my mum to see my sister. I stayed at home as I had a bad backache (womanly time) and Mr P and I also had a chat about what direction we need to go in, to get to where we want. I think that we are on the same page, well kind of anyway, and that's good enough for now.

Mrs P

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