Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Hello everyone, here's a little bit of couponing that I have been doing; it's not much but if it saves me money I will be doing it. The first one is bananas, 25p off, I think they are normally £1.
50p off clementines, normally £2 and that's great for us as we as a family eat so many of them. We all have at least one a day, so the bag only lasts 3 days. The next voucher I used was 25p off rocket. I am not a great fan of rocket but Mr P is. The last voucher is for Cadbury biscuits but my little Tesco didn't have any in stock.

Let us know what you been doing to save money :-)

Mrs P

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  1. Great idea, I'm re fashion some of my shoes, so I get something new without having to spend much :) thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop...