Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Meal Plan #2

      Welcome to my 2nd Meal Plan. Hope you all liked the first one.

Monday 3rd March- We got Little Miss P's friend coming over after school and then I'm taking both to their dancing lesson. They told me they would like a picnic, so we will ate on the floor on a rug :-) Mr P has a rehearsal.

Little Miss P and mate: Pizza and homemade cakes on the floor in the front room. 
Mr P and I: Bread and butter with a yummy soup.

Tuesday 4th March 

All three of us: Chicken with rice and peas 

Wednesday 5th March

All three of us: Jacket potato with red onion and gravy 

Thursday 6th March - As it's a day where we are all doing different things in the evening, we're having different things to eat.

Little Miss P  - Chicken Nuggets with spaghetti hoops and homemade chips 
Mr P & I - Peppered steak, with rice (it's really nice)

Friday 7th March

All three of us: Fish and chips 
Saturday 8th March

All three of us: Lamb roast dinner with veg, Yorkshire puddings and roast tatties

Sunday 9th March 

All three of us: Homemade Chicken Pie with homemade chips

Mrs P

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