Friday, 28 February 2014

OOTD - 28th February 2014

Hello everyone and Hello Miss Owen 
(as I know you read all of these and you asked me to do another one)

So here it is; Little Miss P's outfit of the day. I'm still not brave enough to do one of my outfits... I just need to get over it, and just do it. Come on girl!

Little Miss P picked this outfit herself when we were just staying at home. I think we may have popped to the shops at some point.

 Here is her top, it's cute; very girly and it says 'Daddy's Little Angel'. She thinks the little girl on the top is her or she wants it to be her. Its from the TU range from Sainbury's.
It's getting a bit too small for her now so I might be putting it away soon, ready for if we have another one one day.

Her leggings have small white details on them all the way down. They're still a bit too big for her but that's good as she does not stop growing!

Hope you enjoyed this post :-)

Mrs P

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  1. Aww great outfit, my daughter keeps asking for me to do her an outfit post too :) looking forward to your post :) Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop...