Friday, 7 February 2014

OOTD: 7th Feb 2014

Hello everyone!

Welcome to outfit of the day! I am going to try and do these every Thursday for at least a month. It will not just be Little Miss P, it will be a mixed bunch with me, Little Flacky and maybe Mr P if he lets me, and I'll also try and get the rest of my family involved as it will be more fun that way.
So the first one is Little Miss P. This outfit she chose herself to go out in with Nanny to see Auntie Kelly.

She wanted to be a fairy so she picked her baby pink jeans from TU the Sainsbury's range, and her Me to You top with a red 3D flower on its head and a sequin red heart, again from TU. This top is really soft and cozy; great for the winter.

The best thing in her outfit was her shoes that she loves; these are from Primark. We bought them at the start of last year for £1. She didn't fit in them them but knew she would love them, as what little girl wouldn't love glitter shoes!?!

Here is the outfit altogether with the added fairy wings and necklace. She's also got her tiara on that you can't see in this picture.

Mrs P

Here is the last outfit of the week we did:

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