Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tesco - Lidl

I went to Lidl in the week as a new one opened up down the road to us, so we thought we would give it a go.

So what can I say about Lidl, it's OK but I think I was expecting more from them. I heard people say that it's cheaper then Tesco, but its not really. I'd say the fruit and vegetables are, but that's it, everything else costs the same as Tesco own brand and you don't have as much choice.

Some of their food does taste really nice, like the big tub of yogurt, which tastes really good... I have it instead of chocolate at the moment, lol, as I am trying to cut down on the chocolate intake!

If I had to pick which supermarket I like better I would pick Tesco, just because it's got more choice in and they do the honey and gammon that we love for our family roast dinner. Oh, and a 20p korma sauce that tastes the same as £1 one. I am not saying that Lidl is bad and that I am not going to go there again, I just can't do a weekly shop there. I could pop in and just pick up a few things that I need though.

The customer service in Lidl; well they don't have any. The person at the till just says £38 and that's it.
Tesco isn't much better mind you, although if you get a nice person you might get a please and a thank you and have a little chat with you... so both of them need to sort that out really.

We're going to give Aldi a go next to see if that works out cheaper and has more choice than Lidl.

Mrs P

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