Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekly Update 24th - 30th March

Evening everyone, hope you all had a great week.

I have, it's been a good one, as I have become an Auntie again. My sister gave birth on the 21st March. It was last week but I couldn't put anything up to start with as she hadn't put anything on facebook yet and I thought it would be rude to put it on here before she had told everyone. I have done a link post about it here.
I got to go round and see him on Thursday 28th and have lots of cuddles and to see my sister and Master Hill, but to tell you the truth it was more to see the new Little Man.

We also got the ceiling plastered as it needed doing after the flood. That cost us £200 but it needed doing.

Little Miss P and I had words about our little youtube channel and I asked her what kind of things she wants to do on it, for the 'How To With Little Miss P'. The first one she said she was doing was her plants, so that's what we have done. Here is the video if you fancy watching it. She did it while she was a Princess Cat.

She really wants 15 people to subscribe, I don't have a clue why, but hey-ho. So I said we need 5 more people on it and she asks me everyday if anyone new is on it yet, so come on people, lol.

Hope you all have a lovely week and keep smiling.

Mrs P

Sunday, 30 March 2014

I'm An Auntie Again

It's 10.15 on 21st March 2014 as I write this. I am an Auntie again.

My sister gave birth to a beautiful boy at about 8.45am today. He wasn't due for another month so when I had a phone call from my mum saying 'Your sister's going into hospital as she's leaking and her back's hurting', I wasn't expecting it!

So I just sent her a text say let us know how you are and if she needs anything to let me know and I didn't really think much else of it.

Then I get a phone call from my sister at 9.30am. The first thing I said was how are you and she just said 'I've had the baby'! I didn't really know what to say as I wasn't expecting it just yet. After saying the normal congratulations, how are you, how is the baby etc. etc. it wasn't a great line, so I couldn't get too much info. I'm waiting now for some more news and a photo of him to find out the name she picked. All that I know at the moment is that it's a boy, 6lb 5oz. Come on, ring me... I need to find out more info!

Woohoo, I've got a bit more info. His name is Zachary James Grae Hill and by the photo I was sent he has a good chunk of hair on him.

I will put another post up soon with more info about him.

Mrs P

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Weekly Update 17th - 23rd March

Sorry this is late going up but I've only just sat down on my blog to do it.

So last week was all about a little secret mission that our family got up to. It's not much but it could be a big change for my little family.
Mr P was away for work most of the week and when he got back Little Miss P and I got given little gifts. Little Miss P got a Barbie Colour Mermaid Doll as that is what she asked for and I got A Disney Traditions Minnie Mouse, it's so cute. I will put them on my 'What I Bought in March' that will be going up in a few weeks' time.

Also I've been helping Summer a lot more with her spelling and reading.

And also I've been sitting down and trying to work out what kind of videos and new blog posts I could do. I was thinking about a mini series of some sort. Like a food one or a 'how to' with Mrs P and Little Miss P kind of thing... Little Miss P and I will be having a chat about it at some point this week.

Mrs P

Friday, 28 March 2014

The Tennis Party: By Sophie Kinsella

It's a sunny summer Saturday and four couples gather for a weekend of tennis.

Meet the tournament hosts: self-made man Patrick and his beautiful wife Caroline, out to impress with their new country house.

Meet the guests: Stephen and Annie, their impoverished former neighbours; social climber Charles and his aristocratic new wife Cressida; and the ruthlessly competitive father-and-daughter team Don and Valerie.

As the first ball is served over the net so begins two days of Pimms, tantrums, flirtation, deviousness and shock revelations. It soon becomes obvious that the weekend is about anything but tennis.

My View

It's not one of her best ones. The plot was predictable and it didn't have much humour going on in it like her other books. It's a good read for a beach or on the train as you can easily put it down and pick it back up and know what's going on. The ending hasn't got much going for it.

Glad I bought it as I have read all her books, but this one is my least favourite.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Review - James Chocolates Caramelised Orange Chocolate Bar

Hello everyone, 

I won this James Chocolates bar from I Love Candy shop in Tavistock, Devon.

I have been there before and spent a lot of money. I follow them on facebook and when they had a competition I took part in it and I won the runners up prize... woohoo, go me!

I got this James Chocolates Caramelised Orange Chocolate Bar. I am not a great fan of Orange Chocolate but lucky for me the hubby is. So I gave it him to try out for me and I thought he could have it while at work.

It says it's a smooth dark Chocolate with tangy orange pieces and crunchy caramelised butterscotch.

Mr P's View

Yummy was his first word to me when I gave it to him.  After taking it to work and enjoying it on his lunch break I asked him to let me know what he thought of it. I thought he'd just tell me when he got home but he sent me a text with his thoughts:

"Very yummy; I really like the dark chocolate and it goes very well with the orange. It could have done with some more caramelised butterscotch in it but other than that a lovely treat."

Mr P says it would work really well with white chocolate as well... oh, and could I win a bigger bar next time, lol :-)

Mr P & Mrs P

Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Duck House: Review

The Duck House 
For our 5th Wedding Anniversary we booked ourselves tickets to see The Duck House at the Vaudeville Theatre. We booked a matinee performance so we could be back home for about 6pm as Mr P's Mum and Dad took us out for dinner and paid for it... Thank you very much.

We booked to see The Duck House as it had Ben Miller in and we loved seeing him in Death in Paradise, the BBC1 TV show. I don't normally go and see shows like this, I normally go and see musical shows like Fame but I was up for seeing something new. A lot of people at Mr P's work told him about it, so we thought why not, we like the cast (well Ben Miller as that's the only person we knew, lol).

The Show 
The show is about the MP expenses scandal with Millions of pounds bring spend on second homes.
and the Duck house that one MP spent the tax payer money on.  It is all based about around one MP who calmed for everything, and would do anything to keep his seat.

The show only has 6 cast members in it: Ben Miller, Nancy Carroll, Debbie Chazen, James Musgrave, Simon Shepherd and Diana Vickers (I think she was in the X Factor).

My View
All the cast work really well together, but other than Ben Miller being the best one out of the lot, the house keeper Ludmilla was so funny. Every time she came on stage with every word that came out her mouth was pure laughter. If you like Ben Miller in a sexy way you get to see him in his boxers, hehe.
Overall the show was great with some very rude bits. I loved the first half more then the second half as I thought it was more funny and the second half was more rude. If you don't like swearing it's not for you, but if you don't mind it go and see it. I don't think it's on for that much longer though. I will leave a link for you down below.

Mrs P

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Photo Gallery 178: Adventure

This week in Photo Gallery land it's all about Adventure.

We have lots of them in our family, only mini ones, but I think they are the best ones; in the garden or only a 20 minute drive down the road to a forest. You can make an adventure anywhere, all that you need is your imagination... and maybe a cardboard box.

Here is Little Miss P with the Gruffalo Child

This little adventure is based in a forest about 30 minutes drive away in Brentwood called Thorndon Country Park and you get to hunt for the Gruffalo and his friends. It takes about 20 minutes to find them all, even the little cheeky fox... he is very hard to find, hiding under the log. You can buy a map at the beginning for 50p to help you find them.

Little Miss P and I having a bite on the mouse's nut.

We all really enjoy doing it as a family and just to get out of the house and walk around the woods, getting a bit lost in your own thoughts.

Mrs P

P.S: If you fancy it I have also done a youtube video about our little adventure.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

10th - 16th March 2014

Hi everyone. Instead of doing a day-by-day thing saying what we have been up to I thought I would just do some up of what we have been up to.

Mr P had two days off work on Thursday and Friday so this week we had a bit of family time and as the sun is out we have got into the shed and sorted it out, by throwing loads of old paint that's been in the shed for about 7 years in the bin and lots of things that I don't really know what they had on them. Other than dead spiders all the old stuff went in the bin and down the tip, which we did that on Friday. It was also our friend's birthday so we met them for lunch at Miller and Carter while Little Miss P was at school. We picked her up and then had a little walk in forest.

On Friday evening we had a little walk to find the Gruffalo and his friends, then had a lovely meal at the carvery.

Mr P had a brass band contest on Saturday so he spent most of the day out of the house.

Other than the normal house jobs like cleaning and doing some painting, that's what we have been up to this week. Hope you all had a great week - let us know what you have been up to.

Mrs P, Mr P
Little Miss P

Sunday, 16 March 2014

What I Bought - February 2014

Hello! February is over already...
It's gone so fast and we are already halfway through March.

As we're trying not to spent loads of money at the moment we're really only buying things that we need, so here they are.

Primark PJ bottoms; as it was only the bottoms I think they were about £1 and as her legs just keep growing she's got more tops that fit than bottoms.

 It was my mummy's birthday in February so I picked up this lovely card for her from Clintons as I wanted a nice one and not a cheap one from Card Factory. I bought her vouchers for the spa she goes to as that is what she asked for.

As we're having a sort out in the next few months I got some Vax bags. We already have a few and I love them - just a great space saving idea.

Ok, this is one of the things we bought that we didn't really need to but Little Miss P loves horses and it was only £12. It's from the Sainburys TU range... thinking about it, most of her clothes are from TU.

I also bought myself a little gift and that's some new nail polish. I wanted some spring colours

The first one is Love Lilac and the second is So So Fresh. I love them both but So So Fresh is my absolute favourite - it's like a duck egg colour so goes very well for spring. I am going to look out for a nice dress in this colour for Little Miss P and I. I just love this colour at the moment.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

3rd - 9th March 2014

 Monday 3rd March - Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Tuesday 4th March - More cleaning today and some other things that I can't say yet. Oh and of course we made some yummy Pancakes.

Wednesday 5th March - A day off, being secretive (hehe)

Thursday 6th March - It was a normal day other than that we got a text from Little Miss P's school saying that the winter sick bug is going round. 148 kids were off. Little Miss P only had 14 kids in her class at the start of the day and 4 children went home, so only ended up with 10 children in her class by the end of the day.

Friday 7th March - Little Miss P's school was closed today due to the winter bug going round. So we ended up going round to my sister's house to see them and so that Little Miss P could play with Little Flacky. After that we ended up going to my mummy's house to see her after she came home from work.

Saturday 8th March - Morning all! It's been a morning of chilling out and putting up our youtube video. In the afternoon we're off to Mr Hill's birthday party as he is four today, so happy birthday Little Man... and we had some great cupcakes; very yummy and very cute.

Sunday 9th March - Mr P had to go to rehearsal for his band's up and coming competition, while Little Miss P and I had some fun in the front garden watering the grass and doing arty things like making a hot air balloon out of paper. When Mr P got back home we all had dinner together, watched Princess and the Frog and played Game of Life. After that we went for a little drive as it helps Mr P think and it sends Little Miss P into a deep sleep.

Mrs P

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Photo Gallery: #177

#177: Yellow

For this I thought everyone would be doing a Yellow Daffodil (I could be completely wrong), so I wanted to do something different.

So this week my Yellow thing is Paint... and it's Daffodil!

Yes, Paint. We are doing up the house at the moment so we have lots of paint around. The main rooms we are doing at the moment are the Bathroom and the ceiling in the Kitchen. After that it'll just be little touch ups in most of the other rooms in the house as it's been a few years since we've done some of them, like the front room, our room and Little Miss P's room. And it's Little Miss P's room that is yellow... she loves the colour and always has!

Mrs P

Let us know what your favourite colour is in the comments.

Last week's Photo Gallary

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Photo Gallery #176

This Week is Morning 

I have come back to give the Photo Gallery a go as I enjoy doing this and you don't have to do it every week.

My morning mostly consists of a cup of tea brought up by my husband, then getting Little Miss P ready for school and taking her. I love my morning as it works really well and as a little family we have it down to a tee. Mr P and Little Miss P go and have breakfast then they both come upstairs with a cup of tea for me and we get ready. Mr P leaves for work first then a few minutes later Little Miss P and I go off to school at 8.10am.

Mrs P

Monday, 3 March 2014

24th February - 2nd March 2014

Monday 24th February - It's been another busy week already and it's going so fast. Today's been a weird one as Little Miss P went back to school and Mr P went back to work. Everyone was feeling a bit sad about it as we had a lovely week off together. For me I had a normal day of washing up, washing clothes and all the other things that a mummy does.

Tuesday 25th February - It's my Mummy's Birthday today... Happy Birthday! In the morning we left mummy a voicemail singing her happy birthday as she didn't pick up her phone. After I picked Summer up from school we went to my sister's house then off to my mum's house to see her on her birthday, but by the time we got to my sister's house Little Miss P had started to get ill and she fell asleep on the sofa. We did make it round to mum's house but Little Miss P didn't want to do anything other than sleep, so sorry mum.

Wednesday 26th February - As Little Miss P didn't sleep well last night and still had a bit of a temperature I let her stay at home for the day. In the morning we just watched telly and had lots of cuddles on the sofa. By the afternoon she was ready to do something a bit more than that so we had a little walk around our green. Then we came home and started practicing our 2 x timetable as that's what they are doing at school at the moment.

Thursday 27th February - It was a chit chat morning with my friend Miss Owen. We haven't really seen each other since Christmas so it was a good catch up, even though not much has been going on. This afternoon it was the normal get home from school and get ready for drama class at 4pm. While she was at drama I popped to the Post Office to get a parcel. I will show you what I got in another blog post (hehe).

Friday 28th February - It's raining again here in Essex, oh the joy. Not been up to much but I have been catching up doing blog posts, writing ideas down and thinking more about my youtube channel and what I can do on that. Little Miss P is now doing the washing up. I think she may be avoiding going to bed.

Saturday 1st March - Happy March everyone! It's a new month so a new start... well that's how I see things. Today's been another lazy day doing puzzles, homework, washing and baking cakes. Mr P and Little Miss P went down the road to have their hair cut. Also started to sort Little Miss P's clothes out as she's getting way too small for some of them.

Sunday 2nd March - Shopping! Well, we went for breakfast with my mummy in Romford and ended up doing some shopping as well. Not much, just a bit of food and clothing shopping. We didn't get back until 1.30pm after I had a bit of a clean of the house and Mr P and Little Miss P played wooden railway. Both of them love playing that together and now we are about to have dinner, get little one's thing sorted for school, chill out and when little one is in bed it's time for Dragon's Den... oh yes :-)

Mrs P

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Sunday 9th February - Photo

On this day we had a lovely lunch for my step-sister's birthday at the Monkhams pub in Buckhurst Hill. The only reason I wanted to do a little blog post on it is because of all the nice photos I took. 
So if you don't like looking at photos you may as well look at an another post now, lol :-)

Here is a photo of Little Miss P in her party dress, all ready for the meal

Here is Master Hill all dressed up

I don't know how I got this photo, I think it was pot luck really

Here is my mum having a snuggle with Little Miss Flacky

Little Miss P doing the lolly pop photo

I really like this photo as it shows how much Little Miss P and Miss Henderson look alike even though they are not blood related

Little Miss P with someone's scarf over her head; not really sure why but it dose make a good photo

 And last of all Little Flacky looking very cute with her daddy holding her

Hope you enjoyed this little post of photos

Mrs P