Monday, 3 March 2014

24th February - 2nd March 2014

Monday 24th February - It's been another busy week already and it's going so fast. Today's been a weird one as Little Miss P went back to school and Mr P went back to work. Everyone was feeling a bit sad about it as we had a lovely week off together. For me I had a normal day of washing up, washing clothes and all the other things that a mummy does.

Tuesday 25th February - It's my Mummy's Birthday today... Happy Birthday! In the morning we left mummy a voicemail singing her happy birthday as she didn't pick up her phone. After I picked Summer up from school we went to my sister's house then off to my mum's house to see her on her birthday, but by the time we got to my sister's house Little Miss P had started to get ill and she fell asleep on the sofa. We did make it round to mum's house but Little Miss P didn't want to do anything other than sleep, so sorry mum.

Wednesday 26th February - As Little Miss P didn't sleep well last night and still had a bit of a temperature I let her stay at home for the day. In the morning we just watched telly and had lots of cuddles on the sofa. By the afternoon she was ready to do something a bit more than that so we had a little walk around our green. Then we came home and started practicing our 2 x timetable as that's what they are doing at school at the moment.

Thursday 27th February - It was a chit chat morning with my friend Miss Owen. We haven't really seen each other since Christmas so it was a good catch up, even though not much has been going on. This afternoon it was the normal get home from school and get ready for drama class at 4pm. While she was at drama I popped to the Post Office to get a parcel. I will show you what I got in another blog post (hehe).

Friday 28th February - It's raining again here in Essex, oh the joy. Not been up to much but I have been catching up doing blog posts, writing ideas down and thinking more about my youtube channel and what I can do on that. Little Miss P is now doing the washing up. I think she may be avoiding going to bed.

Saturday 1st March - Happy March everyone! It's a new month so a new start... well that's how I see things. Today's been another lazy day doing puzzles, homework, washing and baking cakes. Mr P and Little Miss P went down the road to have their hair cut. Also started to sort Little Miss P's clothes out as she's getting way too small for some of them.

Sunday 2nd March - Shopping! Well, we went for breakfast with my mummy in Romford and ended up doing some shopping as well. Not much, just a bit of food and clothing shopping. We didn't get back until 1.30pm after I had a bit of a clean of the house and Mr P and Little Miss P played wooden railway. Both of them love playing that together and now we are about to have dinner, get little one's thing sorted for school, chill out and when little one is in bed it's time for Dragon's Den... oh yes :-)

Mrs P

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