Wednesday, 12 March 2014

3rd - 9th March 2014

 Monday 3rd March - Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Tuesday 4th March - More cleaning today and some other things that I can't say yet. Oh and of course we made some yummy Pancakes.

Wednesday 5th March - A day off, being secretive (hehe)

Thursday 6th March - It was a normal day other than that we got a text from Little Miss P's school saying that the winter sick bug is going round. 148 kids were off. Little Miss P only had 14 kids in her class at the start of the day and 4 children went home, so only ended up with 10 children in her class by the end of the day.

Friday 7th March - Little Miss P's school was closed today due to the winter bug going round. So we ended up going round to my sister's house to see them and so that Little Miss P could play with Little Flacky. After that we ended up going to my mummy's house to see her after she came home from work.

Saturday 8th March - Morning all! It's been a morning of chilling out and putting up our youtube video. In the afternoon we're off to Mr Hill's birthday party as he is four today, so happy birthday Little Man... and we had some great cupcakes; very yummy and very cute.

Sunday 9th March - Mr P had to go to rehearsal for his band's up and coming competition, while Little Miss P and I had some fun in the front garden watering the grass and doing arty things like making a hot air balloon out of paper. When Mr P got back home we all had dinner together, watched Princess and the Frog and played Game of Life. After that we went for a little drive as it helps Mr P think and it sends Little Miss P into a deep sleep.

Mrs P

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