Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Review - James Chocolates Caramelised Orange Chocolate Bar

Hello everyone, 

I won this James Chocolates bar from I Love Candy shop in Tavistock, Devon.

I have been there before and spent a lot of money. I follow them on facebook and when they had a competition I took part in it and I won the runners up prize... woohoo, go me!

I got this James Chocolates Caramelised Orange Chocolate Bar. I am not a great fan of Orange Chocolate but lucky for me the hubby is. So I gave it him to try out for me and I thought he could have it while at work.

It says it's a smooth dark Chocolate with tangy orange pieces and crunchy caramelised butterscotch.

Mr P's View

Yummy was his first word to me when I gave it to him.  After taking it to work and enjoying it on his lunch break I asked him to let me know what he thought of it. I thought he'd just tell me when he got home but he sent me a text with his thoughts:

"Very yummy; I really like the dark chocolate and it goes very well with the orange. It could have done with some more caramelised butterscotch in it but other than that a lovely treat."

Mr P says it would work really well with white chocolate as well... oh, and could I win a bigger bar next time, lol :-)

Mr P & Mrs P

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