Saturday, 1 March 2014

Sunday 9th February - Photo

On this day we had a lovely lunch for my step-sister's birthday at the Monkhams pub in Buckhurst Hill. The only reason I wanted to do a little blog post on it is because of all the nice photos I took. 
So if you don't like looking at photos you may as well look at an another post now, lol :-)

Here is a photo of Little Miss P in her party dress, all ready for the meal

Here is Master Hill all dressed up

I don't know how I got this photo, I think it was pot luck really

Here is my mum having a snuggle with Little Miss Flacky

Little Miss P doing the lolly pop photo

I really like this photo as it shows how much Little Miss P and Miss Henderson look alike even though they are not blood related

Little Miss P with someone's scarf over her head; not really sure why but it dose make a good photo

 And last of all Little Flacky looking very cute with her daddy holding her

Hope you enjoyed this little post of photos

Mrs P

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