Friday, 28 March 2014

The Tennis Party: By Sophie Kinsella

It's a sunny summer Saturday and four couples gather for a weekend of tennis.

Meet the tournament hosts: self-made man Patrick and his beautiful wife Caroline, out to impress with their new country house.

Meet the guests: Stephen and Annie, their impoverished former neighbours; social climber Charles and his aristocratic new wife Cressida; and the ruthlessly competitive father-and-daughter team Don and Valerie.

As the first ball is served over the net so begins two days of Pimms, tantrums, flirtation, deviousness and shock revelations. It soon becomes obvious that the weekend is about anything but tennis.

My View

It's not one of her best ones. The plot was predictable and it didn't have much humour going on in it like her other books. It's a good read for a beach or on the train as you can easily put it down and pick it back up and know what's going on. The ending hasn't got much going for it.

Glad I bought it as I have read all her books, but this one is my least favourite.

Mrs P

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