Saturday, 29 March 2014

Weekly Update 17th - 23rd March

Sorry this is late going up but I've only just sat down on my blog to do it.

So last week was all about a little secret mission that our family got up to. It's not much but it could be a big change for my little family.
Mr P was away for work most of the week and when he got back Little Miss P and I got given little gifts. Little Miss P got a Barbie Colour Mermaid Doll as that is what she asked for and I got A Disney Traditions Minnie Mouse, it's so cute. I will put them on my 'What I Bought in March' that will be going up in a few weeks' time.

Also I've been helping Summer a lot more with her spelling and reading.

And also I've been sitting down and trying to work out what kind of videos and new blog posts I could do. I was thinking about a mini series of some sort. Like a food one or a 'how to' with Mrs P and Little Miss P kind of thing... Little Miss P and I will be having a chat about it at some point this week.

Mrs P

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