Sunday, 16 March 2014

What I Bought - February 2014

Hello! February is over already...
It's gone so fast and we are already halfway through March.

As we're trying not to spent loads of money at the moment we're really only buying things that we need, so here they are.

Primark PJ bottoms; as it was only the bottoms I think they were about £1 and as her legs just keep growing she's got more tops that fit than bottoms.

 It was my mummy's birthday in February so I picked up this lovely card for her from Clintons as I wanted a nice one and not a cheap one from Card Factory. I bought her vouchers for the spa she goes to as that is what she asked for.

As we're having a sort out in the next few months I got some Vax bags. We already have a few and I love them - just a great space saving idea.

Ok, this is one of the things we bought that we didn't really need to but Little Miss P loves horses and it was only £12. It's from the Sainburys TU range... thinking about it, most of her clothes are from TU.

I also bought myself a little gift and that's some new nail polish. I wanted some spring colours

The first one is Love Lilac and the second is So So Fresh. I love them both but So So Fresh is my absolute favourite - it's like a duck egg colour so goes very well for spring. I am going to look out for a nice dress in this colour for Little Miss P and I. I just love this colour at the moment.

Mrs P

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