Tuesday, 29 April 2014

19th April 2014....

On Saturday we picked up my Nanna from my mum's house as we were heading up to Peterborough to see Mr P's family and she only lives 25 mins from them.

We dropped her back home first then went to Mr P's sister's house for the day where she made us a late lunch; just pizza and little bits like that but it was very yummy. She also put on a little Easter Egg Hunt for the kids - Little Miss P and her two children, Master Woolfall & Teenage Woolfall. They all enjoyed it and had lots of fun.

After that Little Miss P wanted to get the Lego out and she had so much fun playing with Master Woolfall, Mr P & Grandad. They all seemed to have fun - not sure who had the most fun out of that lot though!

Later on after having chats we played a little game called name that bunny. We all put a name in the hat and Mrs W picked one out. The first two were... well, they just didn't look like the bunny so it was third time lucky with Pom-Pom.

Later on in the evening Mr P and Master Woolfall played the Xbox for a couple of hours while Little Miss P fell asleep on me on the chair. We went back to Mr P's mum and dad's house to sleep as we were going to see my Nanna the next day for a bit of lunch.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

Mrs P

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