Friday, 18 April 2014

Bathroom Work

Good Morning All

This week we have been doing up the bathroom as it was in a really bad way and a kind of a peach/pink colour, not my sort of colour, not for a bathroom anyway. It also had mould all around the bath, so it was getting to the point where I felt it was unsafe for the family.

Day One: It was full of a lot of dust as the builders were getting all the tiles off the wall, ripping up the carpet (yes I had a carpet in the bathroom) and they took the sink out and the radiator off the wall.

Day two: Prep the walls and the first lot of tiles went on one side of the wall by the bath and by the window.
Still a lot of dust in the house so had the windows open all day, also the builder has cut the new skirting board in the hallway for us as we didn't have the right tools to do it and glued it in the right place for us.

Day three: All the tiles are up on wall and the floor is down, woohoo! The basin is back but we have to leave it for 24 hours for the sealant to dry before we can use it.

Day Four: He came back and plastered the the walls, well half the wall, the bit that didn't have tiles on it as it was in a really bad condition and would have looked terrible if we had just painted on top of it. I also painted the radiator in the bathroom just to make it look more fresh. I don't think I did too bad a job but knowing Mr P he will be able to find something wrong with it.

That's it for now... more will be getting done soon. We will just be fitting the rest of it in when we can.

Mrs P

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