Sunday, 20 April 2014

Meal Plan #3

Welcome to my 3rd meal plan. Hope you're all well and having a fantastic day.

Monday - As it's a day where Little Miss P has her dancing lesson and Mr P goes out to rehearsal, we all have different things for dinner...

Little Miss P - Pasta, ham, butter
 Mr P & I - Chicken, chips and beans

All three of us - A toad in the hole. It's a homemade dish (I will have to do a recipe on it).

All three of us - Jacket potato, cheese and red onion

Thursday - The same goes as for Monday, so we all have different things again...

 Little Miss P - Fish fingers, homemade chips & peas
Mr P & I - Chicken Tonight

All three of us - Chicken Pasta Bake

All three of us - Gammon roast dinner
Snack: Shortbread

All three of us - Going out for a meal for a mate's birthday at the Miller and Carter.

Mrs P

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