Saturday, 5 April 2014

My Mother's Day 2014

I had a great Mother's Day... I hope you all did!

It all started off when I woke up and got given my cup tea. That normally happens in the morning, but the next bit was one of my favourite parts of the day and that was breakfast in bed. It was my favourite breakfast too... pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. Oh yes, yuuuuuummy!

After breakfast Little Miss P went downstairs and brought up my gifts she got me. And what lovely gifts I got given. All of them were very thoughtful and had a theme of me chilling out.

I know which shops they came from as I was standing outside waiting for them. Most came from Clintons. I will put links up when they go online but I don't think they're on the website yet.

Here is what my little daughter got me...

1, Cute mug as I do love a cup of tea... 2, Glasses case as I have lost their case... 3, Nice candle - Amber & Nutmeg... 4, Heated neck thingy... 5, Knitted headphone earmuffs with built-in microphone, universal knitted sock & touch screen gloves (from Tesco)

I love them all and I'm always using the heat pad because it's so cosy. Good choices Little Miss P and Mr P :-)

What did all the other mummies out there get for Mother's Day this year?

Mrs P


  1. It was my first British Mother's Day and I loved it! Your breakfast in bed looks amazing!