Friday, 4 April 2014

OOTD: 4th April 2014

Hello Jelly Tots
Sorry it's been a few weeks since I have done this.

This week Little Miss P has got her long sleeved Gap t-shirt on that she got for Christmas from her Great Auntie. I think this is age 7 years as Gap does come up small. It's really nice and cosie.

This skirt is a thick woolen skirt, white with flecks of pink and grey from Primark young dimension range We got it last summer in the sale for £2. It's still a bit too big for her, but it will do just for going to the shops in or playing in the garden for now.

She enjoyed doing this photo shoot in our hallway. We took a lot more photos but only put the best three up. I think altogether we took 30 of them.

Mrs P

P.S.: Here is Little Miss P's first 'How To' Video on youtube. Please take a look if you have got a free few minutes :-) 

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Thanks xoxo

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