Thursday, 24 April 2014

weekly update, 14th -20th April

Hello Jelly Tots, I hope you're all well!

This week has been a bit of an odd one as it's been Easter break and we're into the 2nd week.
With Mr P having a few days off work we have been seeing family and having lots of family walks.

Monday was playing at home in the garden and playing in the front garden with the kids in the green

Tuesday was Old McDonald's Farm fun with my mum, Little Miss P and Master Hill. We were all very tired at the end of the day but had so much fun.

Wednesday & Thursday - A day with just my little family being at home and going for little walks in the forest; a nice calm couple of days, oh and on Thursday night we had a lovely dinner with my my mum and Nanna at the Harvester.

Friday - we made our way to Braintree to see my sister and my new Nephew Little Master Hill. It would have been rude if we didn't pop to the Braintree shopping centre called Freeport, lol. It was a pretty unsuccessful shopping trip though as we didn't get what we went for. Maybe a Bluewater shopping trip is on the cards soon.

Saturday - we're off to March near Peterborough seeing Mr P's family for Easter. It was great as she put on an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. They all loved it, even the 15 year old loved it. We stayed the night at Mr P's mum and dad's house and saved money by not staying at a hotel for the night.

Sunday - We went off at midday to my Nanna's who only lives about 20 mins away to see her and my Auntie for a few hours. She always cooks us a lovely dinner that keeps us going on the way home.

There will be more details of some of the things we did over the Easter holiday when I get to sit down and do them, so keep an eye out :-)

The Parkertons

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