Monday, 28 April 2014

Weekly Update 21st - 27th April

Little Miss P went back to school this week. Well she went back on Wednesday and she's glad she's back as she got to play with all her friends again and she got to see her teacher that she likes.

Monday - It was bank holiday Monday so we made a little adventure of it to Lee Valley boating river where you can hire a motor boat for an hour and take it up and down... it was great!

Tuesday - A chilling day at home finishing off homework, catching up on reading and watching Frozen on DVD as that's what I bought Little Miss P for Easter instead on an egg.

Wednesday - Back to school for Little Miss P and I have been painting the kitchen ceiling and I have to say I don't have any arm muscles because my arm hurt after an hour of doing it. After school Little Miss P was so tired so we just chilled out together and did some reading.

Thursday - Been for a little walk to Barkingside for a tiny bit of shopping. Didn't get much, only a few bits of food and some shower gel. Little Miss P had drama after school until 5pm and by the time she got home it was dinner, bath and bed for her.

Friday - It's raining. It's meant to be raining all weekend, oh the joy. It is April and we haven't really had any April showers yet so it's making up for it now. Friday is homework day so we will doing that.

Saturday - Mr P is out playing at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green with his brass band, so we're just going to stay at home and do some baking.

Sunday - In the morning it's just family time at home doing puzzles, drawing and watching a film as the weather's so bad. In the evening Mr P is off out to a rehearsal for a show he's playing in. Oh and we have seen my mummy for a few hours.

Mrs P

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