Monday, 7 April 2014

Weekly Update 31st - 6th April

We're already in April... how crazy is that!?!

Monday, I was getting everything out of the bathroom as on Tuesday we had the builder starting work on the bathroom; getting all the old tiles off and they started tiling one of the walls. Wednesday was a full day of tiling the walls and they finished off the skirting in our hallway for us.

Thursday is grouting day and laying the floor... hoping it will all be done today.

Friday, it's not all done yet; they had trouble fitting the floor tiles around the radiator - they kept chipping. It is done now so today they are putting the sink back in, filling a hole in the wall in the study and doing a tiny bit of work in the hallway. It needs to be done today as we are running out of money if it carries on tomorrow.

Saturday is my Niece's birthday. She turns 14 years old. It was mainly family, but she also had her best friend and her boyfriend there too. It was good as I got to see all the family.
Sunday is family day. We had a few bits that we needed to do like take some things to the tip. We had a lovely dinner, we had toad in the hole. It was so yummy.

That's it for this week.

The Parktertons

Last week's weekly vlog x

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