Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Weekly Update 7th-13th April

Hello Everyone

This week has been a little bit of an eye-opener for me, well the last two days have been. On Friday night Little Miss P slept the night at my sister's house with my mum as she was taking her Grandkids to the cinema in the afternoon, and I had all day to myself on Saturday, so I had a lot of time to think about things. But that's for a different blog post coming soon.

At the beginning of the week we spent a lot of time at home and playing in the front garden with the neighbours and their kids, as they all seem to be about the same age from the youngest at 9 months to the oldest one who is Little Miss P's age of 5. We did that on Monday and Friday.

On Tuesday we went to spend some time with my stepsister and her family just so Little Miss P and I could get out of the house. Wednesday was at home doing homework with Little Miss P, plus reading and playing lots of games... just lots of mummy and daughter fun at home. On Thursday we went into a high street down the road called Barkingside. We met up with my stepsister again, and then went back with her as Little Miss P and I were staying the night at my mum's house in Buckhurst Hill. Mr P had been away with work even though he was meant to be having a week off with us, but that didn't happened. Am I surprised, no, not really. But I know his doing his best, x

Saturday as I said above Little Miss P is with my mum for the day. Mr P is still away with work and is back tonight at some point, so I had the house to myself. It's given me a lot of thinking time and I think I needed it. 
Sunday is just family time at home. Mr P is tired from being away with work and he has work tomorrow as well so we went for a nice walk to feed the ducks and then the rest of the time in garden... we even had the paddling pool out.

Mrs P

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