Friday, 30 May 2014

OOTD 30th May 2014

Hello Jelly Tots 

Welcome back to an outfit of the day... It's been so rainy here so no pretty dresses this week, just a cute stay at home and play outfit.

The leggings are just plain purple leggings from Sainsbury's, it's all about the comfort when playing at home and jumping on the sofa.

 This is the top with Minnie Mouse being a ballet dancer.
Little Miss P loves this top as she does ballet; it has some great details on with Minnie in her princess crown, to the chandelier in the background.

She even had her Pudsey ears on all day that she got from her Great Auntie last weekend...
she loves them!

Mrs P

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cup of tea, pet?

Yes. This blog post is all about tea. I know, how much can you say about tea, but I have been given it to try and share my thoughts about it with everyone I know. It's a part of me being a Bzzagent.

The lovely postman came with a parcel on Friday afternoon with my new bzz kit and it was PG tips tea. Not just one box, but five boxes. I had to text and send a photo to my mum due to the fact that she loves tea. I gave her two bags from each box to try and gave some to my neighbour too as she loves a good cup of tea.

The five I got are:

1) Delicate Camomile  2) Aromatic Spices & Mint  3) Juicy Red Berries 4) Refreshing Peppermint 5) Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla

Delicate Camomile - My Hubby loves this one. We both had colds over the last few days so this has been nice for him to get him better and he wanted to lay off the coffee while he's been ill. I haven't tried this one myself as the hubby likes it so I have left it all for him.

Aromatic Spices & Mint - OK I don't like this at all. It's too strong for me and once I said that to the hubby he didn't want to try it, but my neighbour likes it so I have passed on that box to her to have, even though she has ordered a box on her shop, so now she will have two. I don't like the smell of this one.

Juicy Red Berry - This is one for summer as it says it tastes of Red Berry. This one I can see me drinking it in the garden writing my blog post whilst chilling out.

Refreshing Peppermint - I really like this one, it smells great, really refreshing and I love the taste. I have already gone through half the box & I will be picking up a few more boxes to keep in the cupboard. Love, love, love this one.

 Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla - Like the smell of this one, I don't know what Red Bush is but hey, it tastes OK. Not my go to one but I would drink it if that's all I had and didn't have any other one to drink.

Who Will I be telling
All of you again and my mummy as she likes all kinds of tea!

Mrs P

How to pot plants - by Little Miss P

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Hello Jelly Tots

I have not been paid to talk about Shopitize, just so you all know... I just really like the app!

It's an app where you can get money back on your shopping, mainly food things and cleaning products. All that you have to do is go into the app, pick a product to put in your shopping basket, go down to Tesco, find the product, scan it in, go and pay for it and when you get home scan in the receipts, then you can claim the money back through Paypal. It sounds easy and it is really easy... if I can do it anyone can do it.

Some of the things so far that I have got off with Shopitize...

4 pints of milk... It was £1 in the shop and had £1 money back, so it made it free

Original Source shower gel (and I love these)... in shop £1.10 and got 60p back, so made it 50p

Loyd Grossman Pasta Sauce... in shop £1 and got 60p back so made it 40p

And a few more things, but I won't list everything as you may get bored... if you do want me to list it all just let me know.

I am thinking about doing a weekly saving video on my Youtube channel, not sure yet.

If you're already using Shopitize let me know what's the best you picked up, mine will have to be the milk.

As of the 26th May 2014 I will be claiming back £6.20... not a bad saving really :-)

Mrs P

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Mini Giveway!!

Morning Lovely Jelly Tots,

I said to myself when I get 130 people on my blog I would do a mini giveway, so here we are! It's only a small giveaway so don't get too excited... It's just a little way for me to say Thank You so far.

I love stationery - always have and always will - there is a story behind why I love stationery, but that's in an up and coming blog next Monday where I will announce the winner!

So here is what you could win...

1) Kitchen Labels perfect for jars, tubs & gifts

2) Magnetic Pad, great for sticking on the fridge and putting your shopping list on.

So one person will win both.

All you have to do is follow me on this little blog and leave a comment about what you have planned for this week. Then go over and follow me on bloglovin no later than 2nd June.

Nice and simple, but it's only open to people in the UK, sorry, as it's the first one I am doing. Maybe in the future it be open to people further afield :-)

Thank you to all my 130 followers and welcome to anyone new! :-)

The Parkertrons

Friday, 23 May 2014

OOTD: 23rd May 2014

It's been hot here the last few days so we had all our summer outfits out, seeing what fits us still and what new things we can add / update in our wardrobe.

So while we were sorting that out I thought I would do an outfit of the day with Little Miss P. I did tell her she could pick which one to do and this is what she picked out.

It's an 'I heart Spider-man' T-shirt from Primark age 7/8 years and cute flower pattern shorts. The shorts will only last this summer for her as they are already very short shorts! The Shorts are from Sainsburys 6 years. 

Not sure what's going on with her smile here and with her head, but never mind as you can see that it fit's her really well at the moment.

The shorts, well as I said they fitted fine but if she keeps growing they won't last until the summer and definitely won't fit her next year.

Here is the back of the outfit. As you can see, her bottom cheekies are nearly hanging out, and when they do I will be putting them away.

Mrs P

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Fun outside - in photos

This is my entry for the Center Parcs and Tots100 May challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit  Elveden Forest.

I love Center Parcs, I really do. I've been most years from the age of 3 years. I learnt to ride a bike there, the amount of times my sister fell into the ditch... well I lost count, and as we are all older now and have kids of our own, it's been great see them there too. 

So when I saw this challenge going on at Tots100 I had to enter. All I have to do is go out on an adventure and we often go for walks to the forest behind our house or another one where we see and feed the deer. We go at least every weekend.

As it's been hot this month we have made the most of it and have had quite a few walks so I thought I would put them altogether into a bit of a photo mess.

First up is one of our days out to the airshow and we stopped to have our picnic. I love this kind of photo as it's just a natural shoot of Little Miss P with the plane in the background.

This was taken three days ago when Mr P and Little Miss P went out for a walk as I was stuck at home with a stinking cold, and they came across this. It's a kind of monster... it's amazing what you find when you're not even looking for it.

Here we went for a little walk to our country park, about a 40 min walk from our house, and they have a little free farm you can go to. It doesn't have many farm friends but is a great little place. Little Miss P asked for this photo with the horse in the background.

Here is Little Miss P and me enjoying our ice creams, having a walk around the lake in Epping.

When it gets a bit colder we still make it out on our little adventures and even find new places to walk, like this one with some ruins to look at.

Last but not least - well not until my next blog post anyway...

The selfie of all three of us! I will let you put your own saying with the photo, lol! This was taken a few months back but I love it as we were on top of rocks in Devon. I can't find the original photo of it so I have taken a photo of the photo, hehe.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Photo Gallery #187

The theme for this weeks Photo Gallery is: One Word.


Mrs P 

Friday, 16 May 2014

OOFD - 16th May 2014

Hello Jelly Tots, hope you're having a great Friday and have that Friday feeling already!

This is a cute little outfit I got Little Miss P for the summer, but over the bank holiday weekend the weather was gorgeous so I finally let her wear it as she has been asking me since we got it.

It's a cute playsuit from Primark with bright butterflies all over it. It's very thin material so we just need to make sure the weather is good and maybe put a little jacket with it. It also has a little bow on it between the top half and the bottom half, which just gives it that little bit of extra detail and breaks up the outfit a bit.

Little Miss P loves it; she says it's nice and that she loves butterflies (of course she was going to say that). She must find it comfortable as she was in it all day and wanted to go to bed in it, but I had to say no to that one. I can't remember how much it was but I'm guessing it was £8.00-£10.00 but no more than that.

Can't wait until we get more sunshine so she can wear it more, as it really suits her.

Mrs P

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Optrex Eye Revive Review

Hello Jelly Tots

I have got another Bzzagent review for you, it's my third one.

It's the Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist. I am glad I got this one as I have been looking into getting something like this as my eyes have been feeling really tired and dry.

What it says about itself
Computer screens can make your eyes drier leaving them feeling tired. Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist has been designed to take care of tired eyes so they can feel good again.

What my view is
It's good and it works. The first few times I used it I jumped when the mist sprayed on my eyes and it has a smell to it, just a faint one, but it has got a faint smell.
It does work but seems to work for one of my eyes and not the other, not sure why and I'm hoping in time it will work for the other eye. It does moisturise the delicate skin around my eyes and I love that about it. I will be looking out for more eye sprays now as I think it will become a part of my daily life.

Who I will be telling
All of you of course! And all of you tired mummies should go and give it a go; see if it works well and if not don't get it again, but you'll be missing out if you don't give it a try.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Photo Gallery #186

Up Close and Personal

This is Up Close and Personal with my little lady, Little Miss P.

When I showed her the photo afterwards she asked me to delete it, then I had to explain what it was for and she started to laugh at it, saying half her face looks funny.
I love this little face of hers as it can show so many expressions; how she is feeling and what kind of mood she's in. It's all in her eyes though - all that I have to do is look at them and I can see what mood she's in.

Hope you don't mind this little post today.

Mrs P

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Monday, 12 May 2014

What Little Miss P has been learning

Little Miss P is in year one at school and this is what she's learning... well, what I think she's leaning, but I might be completely wrong though.

The truth is I don't really know. It doesn't matter how many times I ask the teacher, I never find out. I do ask Little Miss P when she comes home from school but I only gets bits and bobs from her and only when she feels like it. She just has to be in the right mood to tell me.

A little hint that of what she's doing at school is in her homework.

At the moment it looks like she's learning about how to do 'half' and 'quarter' in maths and i know she's learning her 2x, 5x and 10x tables. In English it's all about adjectives and story telling at the moment.

She also does PE 2 times a week, plus science, geography, religious education and history. I don't have a clue which bit of them she's leaning. I have asked her teacher again about what she's learning, so let's see what I get back.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Photo Gallery #185


This is my little cutie pie in an old photo of her. We were on the bus on the way to her swimming lesson and all that I did was say her name; she looked up at me and I just clicked the camera on my phone and it was just perfect timing. I don't think I could get a photo like that again, it's just a natural shot and you can see how happy she is just by looking into her eyes. She still has that cheeky little smile going on today.

I just love that cheeky chubby face of hers (her face isn't so chubby any more).

Mrs P

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

Hello Jelly Tots

Bank Holiday came round and we didn't know what to do as a family until Mr P remembered that we had spoken about going to Lee Valley. So we looked it up online and found what we were looking for, and that was Electric Boats. I have never done it before but Mr P has as his family when he was younger.

We got there for when it was open as we knew it was going to be busy on a nice, sunny day.

Even though we got there about 15 min after it opened, all the four seater boats where gone so we got a five person boat for 1 hour. It cost £20.00 and you had to put £20.00 cash deposit down at the time of hire. You get the £20.00 back afterwards as long as you don't damage the boat!

Been brave and put a photo up of me.

I had so much fun and so did Little Miss P. I didn't think I would but I was so wrong, it's really good and really fun. I was just sitting at the front letting Mr P and Little Miss P drive the boat.

I was so chilled out just taking in the sun. If you live in Essex go to it and afterwards there is a really nice pub to go to for lunch. It gets really busy and we had to wait an for an hour for our food but they did warn us at the bar.

Mrs P

Monday, 5 May 2014

May Mini Goals

Hello Jelly Tots,

I have got a bit of blogger's block and I don't have a clue what to write about so I have been reading lots of blogs, watching lots of youtube videos, reading magazines and going for walks just to try and get some more ideas. I love this little blog so am going to keep it going even if it's just for me. But I am hoping some other people read it.

Just an old photo as I like all my blog posts to have photos on them

I found on someone's blog where they do mini Goals each month (I can't remember who it was though) & I really liked the idea of that to keep you on track. Well I am hoping that's what it does for me.

May Mini Goals 

Work out a schedule that I can keep to on my blog
I feel like my blog needs to start having a schedule so it can focus me more and may be able to come up with better blog posts.

Start to work on my logo for my blog
I have already got a picture drawn up for me to use by my nephew's girlfriend as she's really good at art, and it has come out really well. I am really pleased with it.

Do more at baking with Little Miss P 
We both enjoy making cakes together, but don't do it that often really, we only do it when her friends come over so there are three of us doing it. But I would like to do it with just me and her and I think she will enjoy it more.

Finish off the bathroom
There's not much left to do, only touch ups and another deep clean, put up the vent and paint the side of the bath. So it's not much.

That's my Mini May To Do list.

Mrs P

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Scholl Express Pedi

 It's my second BzzAgent review & this time I have been given Scholl Express Pedi to try out.

Ohh lala I should be getting sexy feet soon,

What I got in the box
Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, x3 Velvet Smooth Intense Serum (gave one to my mummy) x5 £10 off Vouchers.

My View
The express Pedi is really easy to use. I used it for about 2 minutes on each foot, mainly on the balls of my feet as that's where I have most of my dry skin. It does work and my feet do feel a lot smoother, not quite like a baby's bottom yet but well on the way. I applied the Velvet Smooth Intense Serum and it made my feet feel hydrated. I have very ticklish feet so the whole process did make me giggle a bit doing it. The replacement pads are a bit of money but I think they will last quite a long time.
If your feet need that bit of TLC then go and get this, it will be worth the price. Just make sure you use it and why wouldn't you, with the hot summer coming up (hoping we have nice weather anyway).

Who I will tell
Well I have told my Mummy already and given her a voucher. She has already gone out and got one. I also gave some of the vouchers to my Nanna and told some of the school mums and of course all of you on here.

Mrs P