Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

Hello Jelly Tots

Bank Holiday came round and we didn't know what to do as a family until Mr P remembered that we had spoken about going to Lee Valley. So we looked it up online and found what we were looking for, and that was Electric Boats. I have never done it before but Mr P has as his family when he was younger.

We got there for when it was open as we knew it was going to be busy on a nice, sunny day.

Even though we got there about 15 min after it opened, all the four seater boats where gone so we got a five person boat for 1 hour. It cost £20.00 and you had to put £20.00 cash deposit down at the time of hire. You get the £20.00 back afterwards as long as you don't damage the boat!

Been brave and put a photo up of me.

I had so much fun and so did Little Miss P. I didn't think I would but I was so wrong, it's really good and really fun. I was just sitting at the front letting Mr P and Little Miss P drive the boat.

I was so chilled out just taking in the sun. If you live in Essex go to it and afterwards there is a really nice pub to go to for lunch. It gets really busy and we had to wait an for an hour for our food but they did warn us at the bar.

Mrs P

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