Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cup of tea, pet?

Yes. This blog post is all about tea. I know, how much can you say about tea, but I have been given it to try and share my thoughts about it with everyone I know. It's a part of me being a Bzzagent.

The lovely postman came with a parcel on Friday afternoon with my new bzz kit and it was PG tips tea. Not just one box, but five boxes. I had to text and send a photo to my mum due to the fact that she loves tea. I gave her two bags from each box to try and gave some to my neighbour too as she loves a good cup of tea.

The five I got are:

1) Delicate Camomile  2) Aromatic Spices & Mint  3) Juicy Red Berries 4) Refreshing Peppermint 5) Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla

Delicate Camomile - My Hubby loves this one. We both had colds over the last few days so this has been nice for him to get him better and he wanted to lay off the coffee while he's been ill. I haven't tried this one myself as the hubby likes it so I have left it all for him.

Aromatic Spices & Mint - OK I don't like this at all. It's too strong for me and once I said that to the hubby he didn't want to try it, but my neighbour likes it so I have passed on that box to her to have, even though she has ordered a box on her shop, so now she will have two. I don't like the smell of this one.

Juicy Red Berry - This is one for summer as it says it tastes of Red Berry. This one I can see me drinking it in the garden writing my blog post whilst chilling out.

Refreshing Peppermint - I really like this one, it smells great, really refreshing and I love the taste. I have already gone through half the box & I will be picking up a few more boxes to keep in the cupboard. Love, love, love this one.

 Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla - Like the smell of this one, I don't know what Red Bush is but hey, it tastes OK. Not my go to one but I would drink it if that's all I had and didn't have any other one to drink.

Who Will I be telling
All of you again and my mummy as she likes all kinds of tea!

Mrs P

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