Monday, 5 May 2014

May Mini Goals

Hello Jelly Tots,

I have got a bit of blogger's block and I don't have a clue what to write about so I have been reading lots of blogs, watching lots of youtube videos, reading magazines and going for walks just to try and get some more ideas. I love this little blog so am going to keep it going even if it's just for me. But I am hoping some other people read it.

Just an old photo as I like all my blog posts to have photos on them

I found on someone's blog where they do mini Goals each month (I can't remember who it was though) & I really liked the idea of that to keep you on track. Well I am hoping that's what it does for me.

May Mini Goals 

Work out a schedule that I can keep to on my blog
I feel like my blog needs to start having a schedule so it can focus me more and may be able to come up with better blog posts.

Start to work on my logo for my blog
I have already got a picture drawn up for me to use by my nephew's girlfriend as she's really good at art, and it has come out really well. I am really pleased with it.

Do more at baking with Little Miss P 
We both enjoy making cakes together, but don't do it that often really, we only do it when her friends come over so there are three of us doing it. But I would like to do it with just me and her and I think she will enjoy it more.

Finish off the bathroom
There's not much left to do, only touch ups and another deep clean, put up the vent and paint the side of the bath. So it's not much.

That's my Mini May To Do list.

Mrs P

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