Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Photo Gallery #185


This is my little cutie pie in an old photo of her. We were on the bus on the way to her swimming lesson and all that I did was say her name; she looked up at me and I just clicked the camera on my phone and it was just perfect timing. I don't think I could get a photo like that again, it's just a natural shot and you can see how happy she is just by looking into her eyes. She still has that cheeky little smile going on today.

I just love that cheeky chubby face of hers (her face isn't so chubby any more).

Mrs P


  1. That is a wonderful photo! I love it when you manage to catch such a natural and perfect photo. #TheGallery

    1. I would love to get photos like this all the time, but sadly i don't x

  2. Her smile is so sincere and willing. I love the perspective and the colors too! The pink framed her face. #TheGallery