Thursday, 19 June 2014

a2 Milk Review

 Good Morning Jelly Tots, here is another Bzz kit I got from Bzz Agent, it's a2 Milk. I got some vouchers in the post to buy and try it. After looking at the Bzz Agent facebook page it looked like people are finding it hard to find but I found it quiet easily and got one from a big Tesco about 15 mins drive from my house.

a2 Milk is fresh cow's milk that naturally contains protein called A2. Did you know there are different types of protein in milk including A1 and A2. Well I didn't know that A2 is the original natural milk protein. During domestication by humans a different protein called A1 became dominant throughout herds in Europe.

What I thought about this milk 
I can't taste the difference between the other milk I get and this one. I have to say drinking this milk has made me feel less bloated and that's always a good thing. I will definitely be getting this again as I can feel it being better for me and my Little Family.

Who I will be telling
I have passed on a few of the vouchers to my sisters and my auntie to go and try it out.

Hope you enjoyed this little blog.

Mrs P

Here is our little trip to Woburn Safari Park. Please take a look if you have some time free :-)

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