Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide 2014 - Under £20

Welcome to our first Gift Guide!

As Father's Day is just around the corner we thought this would be a great one to start with.

1) Is for the Foodie and Gardener Dad
Make your own organic Ginger Beer with Chilli. You will be able to make 2l real alcoholic beers. The kit contains most of the things you need, all you need to find to add to it is water and sugar.

Not on the High Street £6.99

2) For your little one to give Daddy
This cute Me to You bear is cute and cuddly

Clintons £4.50

3) This is so cute; Personalized copper wallet insert card
Etsy £13.45

4) Personalised 'Why my Daddy is Brilliant' book
This is a great idea for the kids to get involved with

 Not on the High Street £15.95

5) Great for the Super Hero Daddy
A cool necktie... I know a few people that would love this!

Etsy £13.66

Hope you like our first gift guide :-)

Mrs P & Little Miss P