Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Little Flacky's 1st Birthday

The Birthday Girl 

Little Flacky turned 1 a few weeks ago, so of course she had a party. My step-sister used my Mum and step-dad's garden as she lives in a flat and doesn't have a garden. She had a bouncy castle & BBQ going and invited all of my side of the family and Little Flacky's daddy's side of the family.

There's not much to say about it really other then it was a great time with all the family being together, but I wanted to put this up because of the photos we took so here we go, get ready for all the photos.

This is (left to right): Teenage Henderson (Niece), Little Flacky (Niece), Miss Henderson (Step-sister), Little Miss P (Daughter), Me, Master Hill (Nephew), Prince Hill (Nephew), Miss Huxley (Sister)

Master Hill, Teenage Henderson, Little Flacky, Little Miss P

 Mr Flacky (Miss Henderson's Fiance), Miss Henderson, Bro Henderson (step-brother), New Henderson (step-brother's wife)

Grandad Henderson (step-dad ), Little Flacky

Nanny Henderson (My mum), Little Flacky

Prince Hill

All these photos were taken on the day of the party. Hope you enjoyed them.

Mrs P

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