Monday, 23 June 2014

She's not a street dancer, bless her

I have to say, my little Lady is not a street dancer. They had a class for half an hour at her dance school just so they can try it out.

A photo of her drama class

But Little Miss P when she tried it was just laughing the whole time, as street dancing is fast moving, feet stamping and a little bit of freestyle kind of thing, where Little Miss P is all about tiptoes, learning new dance moves and just ballet in general. She's also really enjoying her modern class at the moment.

Her dance school are practicing for their dance show at the moment and it's been really sweet watching them go from starting to learn a dance to now where they are starting to do it on their own without the help from their teacher. You feel proud inside knowing that she's doing well and enjoying it. She also does a bit of drama with the dance school she goes to and really loves that.

Their Instagram account is THEDANCESHAK... please go over and have a look, they have some great photos on it of the baby class and the bigger classes.

Mrs P

 A day in the life over at youtube channel. x

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