Thursday, 5 June 2014

Sweet Temptation by Lucy Diamond

Her bitchy boss at the radio station humiliates her live on air, her glamour-puss mum keeps dropping hints that she should lose weight (like signing her up to the gym) and her kids are embarrassed to be seen with her after the disastrous mum's race at their sports day. Something's got to change.......

Maddie reluctantly joins the local weight-watching group where she finds two unlikely allies;
Jess, who is desperate to fit into a size ten wedding dress for her big day and Lauren who despite running a dating agency, has signed off romance for ever... or so the thinks...

As they all count the calories, new friendships develop and secrets are shared - but will they resist temptation?

My View

I really enjoyed this book, it's very witty and flows well. Each chapter of the book follows one of the woman and it alternates between them. This lets you learn about each of the women's lives which I think most women can relate to in some way or another. There are some serious issues in the book so it can a bit hard going in certain places but it has some very light-hearted bits in it too. It's a laugh, cry, feel some of their pain sort of book.

Mrs P

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