Tuesday, 1 July 2014

First Wobbly Tooth

Little Miss P has her first Wobbly Tooth and she wasn't too sure about it to being with. Not in a scared way, just in a way of not knowing what's going to happen. The thing with Little Miss P is that she likes to know what's going on and what's happening and right now she doesn't.

So I have sit down with her and had a little chat. We've spoken about what's going to happen and the thing she was most worried about was the teachers telling her to pull it out. So I have spoken to the teacher and asked them not to say it to her (not that they would have done anyway). The other thing she was talking about was what happens if she swallows it and will the fairy still come. My reply to that is of course. The Fairies are magical; they know even if you swallow it.

After that she seemed a lot better. We're still waiting for it to fall out and it is getting a lot more wobbly so by next week I am guessing it will be out. Let's she how she takes it when it comes out... I hope that she is at home when it does.

Mrs P


  1. I reckon if she doesn't fiddle with it at school, she won't lose it at school. My kids' first wobbly teeth were wobbly for about nine months before they lost them, but now they're just losing them constantly! Both my boys lost them at 9.45pm on Monday - I know they were just looking for a way to stay up late!
    Popping over from Clairejustine.

    1. I did say to her not to fiddle it at school but knowing her she will,

  2. Oh bless her, I used to be in fear of swallowing my wobbly teeth too! #Weekendbloghop