Sunday, 13 July 2014

Headache & High Temperature

Prince Hill, Little Miss P and I 

Hello Everyone I am back, 

The last few weeks we have had the most horrible bug going round my Daughter's school. Little Miss P picked it up on the Tuesday after her dancing show, I am guessing as she was so tired still from the show she was just more susceptible to it. It just had to come out on the wrong day though didn't it.

On that Tuesday she went to school as normal but it was fun day. Go Karting, Bird Show, Bouncy Castle, she was so excited. Then I got a phone call from the school at about 10.40 to come and get her, as she was ill... I felt so sorry for her. When I saw her waiting in the office for me to come and get her she did look ill, so I picked her up and as we were walking out she just burst into tears. I asked her why and she said she wanted to stay as she hasn't gone on the bouncy castle yet. My heart was broken when she said that, but she was just too ill to stay.

So most of my week has been looking after the little one. Although she's a lot better now it seems like Mr P and I have it. We're now coming to the end of our bug that she passed on to us, so we're starting to feel more normal, even though as I write this my head is feeling a little bit dizzy still, but this is the first time being on the laptop for the past week.

Will try and be a bit more on top of the blog from next week.

Mrs P

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