Monday, 14 July 2014

July Mini Goals

Finish off the bathroom
This one was on May's Mini Goals & June's Mini Goals just to do the last few bits and buy the bathroom cabinet but we didn't get that done, due to the hubby and I having stinking colds. So this one has been carried forward again.

Put the logo on this blog site
I have come up with a logo for the top of this blog and to use in other places; just need to do the last bits to it and then place it up.This was a June one too, so it needs to carry on again.

Get the house ready for the BBQ 
It's our birthday party coming up soon for all three of us. The garden is getting there, just needs a bit more more work and I really need to sort the house out as it's a mess.

What we did in June 
One thing I did that I said I wanted to do is save some money and we did just by knowing what I am spending my money on and not buying that little extra chocolate bar (that has been hard as I do love a bit of chocolate).

Mrs P

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