Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Life by the Sea

Morning all, hope you had a great week last week.

On Saturday we went on a little adventure to the beach. It's about an hour and half from us, but we have never been there before, so we wanted to check it out. I didn't take any photos as I was filming it instead, so the photos you see will be screen shots.

Little Miss P had a party that day so when that was finished we set off on our little adventure. The journey there was great, no traffic at all. When we got there Little Miss P got her net and was off to find some fish.

We didn't find any fish but we did find a few sea snails in the rock pools that were quite cute. We did put them all back. We also found a few Jellyfish washed up on the beach. We did put one back in the water but I think we might have been a bit to late to save them, but we didn't tell Little Miss P that bit. That might have upset her.

We didn't stay there long, about an hour, as we still needed to get food. We tried the closest pub to the Beach but it was full and didn't let kids in some of it. But the next pub we tried was lovely, it's called the Peldon Rose. It looks really posh and maybe expensive but it wasn't that expensive but with staff that where lovely and friendly. The food was really good too. When we go back to the beach we will definitely be going back there.

If you fancy watching the video go over to my youtube channel, or just below to watch it.

Mrs P

Life by the sea video x


  1. Can't beat a day at the beach. Happy to hear you had a fabulous time.

    1. I love a day at the beach, Thanks for popping by xoxo