Monday, 28 July 2014

Party Planning

Each year we have a joint BBQ for our birthdays. It saves money and we can do it all in one day.
It's Little Miss P's birthday on the 3rd August, mine on the 5th August and Mr P's on the 21st September. So it just makes sense to us.

We have Little Miss P and her mates over from about 2pm - 4pm. We have a Bouncy Castle, play games, eat party food and have a BBQ going. Then from 4pm to when the last person leaves will be family and mine and Mr P's mates. We have about 50 people throughout the day in and out.

As we've just started planning it, Little Miss P has about 10 people on her list, and Mr P and I have about 15 on our list.

Thought we already had invitations but we only had three, so it looks like I will be going out to buy more this week. She's after Hello Kitty or Disney Princess ones.

And I've bought my first bit of food, woohoo. Two packs of party rings as they where on offer in Tesco for 50p a pack, Mini Rolls and a few other bits.

That's it for now and we'll keep you updated.

Mrs P

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