Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Meet us

Hello my lovelies, hope you're all well this evening!

As I have started my little youtube channel, I thought it might be time to tell you our real names, as I do say them on youtube so if you watch it you will already know.

First up is Little Miss P, aka Summer

She is now my little Six year old daughter and here she is very proud in her birthday hat. Her favourite colours are purple and yellow and at the moment she loves playing with Lego.

Next up is Mr P aka Ewan, yep my hubby's name is Ewan

He is a great father to my little monkey and he works his bottom off so he can give us a good life, and he does a great job at it.

And now for me, Mrs P aka Nicki

Yes my name is Nicki, the mummy of the family. I try and live my life to the full and just take life as it comes. Even though I am planning a Disney trip for two years' time, for my 30th birthday, hehe...

Hope that gives you a little idea of who we are, so sometimes I will be calling us by our real names on here.

Mrs P

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