Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Summer learning

It's the start of the summer holiday here in the UK and I would like to keep Little Miss P's brain working and do some at home learning with her. Not every day, all day, but bits and bobs here and there. I have already got a few books for her to read from the library and a few learning books.

I was going to do a Library reading challenge with Little Miss P but every time we go in there it's about a 30 mins wait to go and read to someone and get the sticker, so I have decided just to do it at home with her and after she's read 10 books and done a little Book Review on all of them, she'll get to pick a book to buy from the shops.

There is only one more thing work-wise that we're doing over the holidays and that's times tables... now she's learning 2, 5 & 10 but she doesn't know them off by heart so I will working on that with her. Also if she gets that I will start teaching her 3 times tables. That's all the learning for now. We'll see how she gets on and I'll keep you updated.

Mrs P

We now have Summer's lookbook up... please come along and check it out

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