Thursday, 7 August 2014

WARBURTONS Deli Thins - Review

Hello everyone hope you're all well. I have been given another Bzz kit from the lovely people there to try out. This time it's Warburtons Deli Thins.

I got the vouchers in the post to go and pick them up from Tesco, they sell all different ones. I picked up the Honey Wheat ones and they tasted so good, so I will definitely be picking them up again. We took them on a picnic with us.

I made myself a ham one and also made Little Miss P a ham one, while Mr P had a bacon and salad one. We ate them all up so Mr P and Little Miss P must have liked them... for Little Miss P to eat it all up it gets a big thumbs up.

Mrs P

Hey Guys, we have been taking part in #veda over on my youtube channel. Please don't forget to check it out x

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