Monday, 8 September 2014

Africa Alive 2014

Our day at Africa Alive. We go every year when we go to Kessingland, as it's just down the road. We use our Tesco Clubcard points so we don't have to pay any money for it.

The weather was nice for it as it didn't rain. There's not much I can say about the zoo other than we all had a great time.

There is a little story about the lions where they had a argument when they were eating and daddy lion had to break them up. We asked if it was normal for them and the keeper said it wasn't and that she had reported the fight and that they would be keeping an eye on them. Later on in the day we went back to the enclosure to see them and some of them had been separated from each other, and one of them had a little cut on its leg.

We hope they are all ok and back to being happy lions. Will have to send the zoo an email soon and ask them.

Next year we are hoping to do the Plains of Africa experience there where you go in the Savannah where animals roam freely. You get to go in the car and feed the Giraffes but you have to be 6 years or older and I think one more year and Summer will be up for it.

If you are nearby you have to go for a visit. As a family we love it; here are the rest of our photos of the day (well not all of them, some of them)... I hope you enjoy them.

 I like this one of Summer milking a pretend cow

Down below is just a little video of our day at Africa Alive.

Mrs P


  1. Super amazing pictures, the most adorable little girl :)

    1. Thank you she can be adorable sometimes and a little monkey , x