Thursday, 4 September 2014

Graze box review,

Coffee and Walnut cake 
This one was for the hubby as it's all his favourite things rolled into one, well the healthier option anyway. He really enjoyed the chocolate coated Coffee beans. He really wants me to get this again, so he take it to work.

It has in it: Walnuts, Milk Chocolate Coated Roasted Coffee Beans, Sponge Pieces and Jumbo Raisins.

Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack
This one I loved. The first time I tried it I wasn't that keen on it, but once I was on the second one I loved it. Summer loved this one as well, if I get this again I will be putting one of them in her packed lunch bag.

Rustic rolled oats flapjack with apple and cinnamon.

Bonnie Wee Oatbakes
The hubby and I had this one evening while watching telly. I enjoyed the Oatbakes but I didn't really enjoy the Onion Marmalade, but the hubby loved all of it. I dipped the Oatbakes in my cup of tea and it still worked.
Red onion marmalade with cheese and chive oatbakes

Rhubarb & Pear compote
This was another one the hubby took to work with him, he enjoyed it and he would eat it again but that's all he said. I don't think it would be one where you like love it and want it again soon, just an OK one.

Mrs P 

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