Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Mobile Phone... Really?

Hello, I am doing this post because of one thing Little Miss P asked me in the car at the weekend...

We were driving home from my mum's house when she just came out with:

Summer: Mummy, when can I get a phone?

Oh my, my mouth just opened up in shock thinking where the hell did that come from? So I asked her and she said her friend has one. And my mouth just opened again in shock.

Me: Really Summer, are you sure they said they have one?
Summer: Yes mummy, the twins have them.
Me: Summer, when you go out with your friends on your own to the park or down the shops then I will get you a mobile phone.
Summer: Why do they have them then?
Me: I don't know, but they don't really need them. Who will they be calling?
Summer: OK mummy. 

But after that I was thinking really who gives a six year old a mobile phone? What will they do with it other than maybe play games on it, but why stick them on a phone? Why don't you play board games with the kids?

I can honestly say that Summer will not be getting a phone at the age of six and even at the age of seven. Not sure when I will give her her first phone but it won't be just yet! I have to say I am still in a bit of shock that she asked me and I am going to have to ask the child's mum if it's true or not.

That's my little rant over for now but am I wrong thinking it's too young to give a kid a phone and what age should I?

Please let me know what you think.

Mrs P

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  1. My friends child has a phone, she's 6!! I won't even let my (almost) 11 year old have one... Why do kids need phones? Who are they going to call? Or text? They see there friends every day at school, family regularly. They have there whole adult life to have a phone. I think parents should let kids be kids :) IMO.

    1. I know its crazy thinking children having a phone at raelly young age, I still cant get my head round it really, I must sound really old now, lol

  2. That's crazy! Way too young for a phone!! :O

    1. I know what would a six year old do with a phone sits just crazy