Friday, 5 September 2014

OOTD - 5th September 2014

Hello everyone, here is Little Miss P's outfit of the day. It's an outfit for a nice chilling day at home or just doing a bit of shopping and as the summer by the looks of it is coming to an end, and it's getting colder, we've picked a nice cozy one.

The Jumper is a bit too big for her in the arms but it is a size bigger than we normally get.
We picked this cute lilac jumper up from Tesco as it was in the sale for £4 and Little Miss P liked it as it has a bit of bling around the neckline.

Her cute jogging bottom with a few bufferflies and flowers on them are from Tesco... I didn't realise that until I just looked at the label, so by the looks of it she's having a Tesco clothing day.

Well I think it looks very cute on, and it's so cosy.

Mrs P & Little Miss P

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