Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Our Weekend

We went on a little weekend away last weekend. It's where we go for our summer holiday each year.

So we rang Mr P's Uncle up asking if anyone was in it and we were lucky as there wasn't. So we packed our bags on Friday and off we went for our little adventure, and it's a special weekend this weekend as it's Mr P's birthday.

We spent most of time at the beach and just having fun as a little family. On Saturday we spent all the morning at the beach and then we went to try and find some animals, but that fell through the place we went to find is not there any more, so we played in the park for a bit and went to a lovely Italian restaurant called Giardino, where the food was lovely. We will be going back there next summer.

On Sunday we didn't wake up until 9.30am so we spent most of the morning at the little chalet
then we headed out for an afternoon of fun at Ranworth Broad. We have never been there before and we just happened to come across it and oh my I love it, we all did.

The Floating Broads Wildlife Centre is on water so you can feel it move under your feet and it's great to see if you can spot any animals on the water. You can sometimes spot an otter on there but we didn't (although Little Miss P thinks she saw one, which made her day, bless her).

Our weekend was short but so much fun. We need to do more things like this as a little family as it was so fun and chilled out.

Mrs P

Here is a short video of our little weekend away

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