Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Manny - Book Review

Welcome to the grid, home to New York's über rich, where a manny - a male nanny - is the hottest new hire in town.

And Peter Bailey is young, fun and drop-dead gorgeous. He could be the answer to Jamie Whitfield's prayers, even if her husband disagrees.

Like Jamie, Peter comes from a very different world to the grid. He's cool, calm and he sees right through her attempts to fit in with her chic, sleek neighbours. 

Ditching high society dinner for dancing in Brooklyn, Jamie begins to wonder if a married uptown girl can fall for a downtown guy. He's good for her children. Could the manny be good for her too..?

My View

First of all it takes a long time to get into the book. So much so that I nearly put the book down to start a new one but I persisted as I thought I needed to read all of it and give myself a chance to review it properly. I am glad I did, as the story started to get a bit more juicy. Not too sure if I would read it again as it just took too long to get into and I want a book that gets me drawn into it at the beginning.

A bit more info about the book

Jamie and her husband may be rich but, unlike the other wives, she is a working mum and as such struggles to fit in with the lifestyle of the neighbours and this worries her rather neurotic husband. As life heats up in both Jamie's career and family life, it all seems too much to cope with. However, their life gets much more exciting when this is reversed by Jamie acquiring the must-have accessory of a male nanny and they are the family to be kept up with.

Mrs P

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