Thursday, 9 October 2014

Graze Unboxing

Perfect Portions to the Rescue box

This is a lovely little Graze box. There is only one thing I don't like in it and that's the Garden of England, but the hubby will have that at some point.

Coffee and Walnut Cake
It has chocolate coffee beans, Walnuts, Sponge pieces & Raisins
We had this before and Mr P loved it so I asked them to send it again soon and they did. If you love coffee then this is the one for you,  and it contains only 9g of fat

 Pumpkin & Sunflower Soy Roasted Seeds
 (packed with Essential Nutrients)
I love this and really enjoy it. I like just picking at it while doing a blog post or working on my youtube channel. It has a sweet taste to it.

Coriander & Lime Salsa Fresca with Mint Tortilla chips
This one is ok, I would have it again. I like the Tortilla chips more then the salsa dip but that's just me. I could see Little Miss P enjoying it or putting it in her lunch box.

Garden of England
Baby Strawberries, Apple and Blackcurrants
I am not a great fun of this one and Mr P is not a great fan of the this one either. I have put this in the bin list on the Graze website but if you like dried fruit you will like this one.

Mrs P

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