Monday, 6 October 2014

October Saving

Hello there! Christmas is coming up and it's time I have to save money, 
to get buying all my family Christmas gifts.

I  have already bought the Christmas cards in the January sale and have a few Xmas gifts already for some of the family and I'm selling a few things on ebay to get some money for the others.

I will try each week to put what I have bought and how much I have saved. Here is my first little coupon shop that I have done. I went into Waitrose on the 28th September and got a few things that I needed / wanted and as always I was looking out for deals on household items like bio liquid etc. Also took a few coupons with me, my free yoomoo and free Little Dish coupon, they had run out of yoomoo though so I couldn't get them but I did pick up my Little Dish ones.

Each coupon was £2.50 off and Waitrose had a offer on them at 2 for £4 so it worked out that I had £1 given back to me, but I got other things on the shop so I covered myself, as I don't think the store would have paid me it back.

I didn't have a coupon for it but I love these pizzas for a quick easy meal when we need them. It's the Dr Oetker pizza, 2 for £5 and you get a code on the back, which gives you two vouchers; one for £1 and the other for £1.50. So I will be going to get them soon and try and get more codes to stock up on the pizzas.

They are the best deals from this shop. Pop over to my youtube soon to see a more detailed video of my shop.

Mrs P

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